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April 15, 2006



Over here, they now use the term "server" instead of waitress or waiter. I find this funny, as it's the same term we use in France: "Serveur" or "Serveuse"... (as opposed to the more pejorative "Garcon!")


Hi Teele, yes... no ice definitely works! more bang for your buck, that's for sure. thanks for the feedback! take care, shayan.


Hi Guys, on the ice part, just ask for 'No ice please' and you will get 2/3 more of your drink.

Enjoy, Teele


Really enjoying your culture shock dude. A few comments:

1) Salt - restaurants put uncooked grains of rice in the salt, so it stays
dry and mobile. Also, it's not nearly as humid here as it is many parts of
the world, especially south Florida, and

2) Not everyone says dude because you are in the part of California that is
overwhelmingly Asian, i.e. Indian, Korean, Chinese, Malay, etc., so they are
not dude-sayers.

Otherwise - spot on. The rain is getting to be a drag.

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